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Cementing Equipment

CQIS offers a range of equipment for oil and gas cementing operations. Depending on the client’s requirements and as per client specifications as well as offering cement pumps, strings, hoses and more.

Downhole Drilling Tools Rental

CQIS has a large selection of down hole drilling tools for rental available, drilling jars, intensifiers and shock tools, hole openers, roller reamers, stabilizers and other Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) tools and drilling bits.

Fishing and Re-Entry

Stray and damaged tools can result in equipment lost downhole causing downtime to drilling and workover operations. We have a large range of fishing and re-entry products engineered to maximize overall drilling operation efficiency and reduce NonProductive Time (NPT)

Pressure Control Equipment

The importance of Pressure Control Equipment cannot be underestimated as a critical component in the industry. CQIS can supply Blow Out Preventers from 4.1/16in to 21.1/4in as well as a large selection of other associated pressure control equipment, including adapter spools, hydraulic hoses and more.